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So the big news is QRD #48 is up.  About 30 interviews with indie/mini comic book folks.

So I’ve been working on my “Small Art” comic series & each story I had as an individual 12 page comic.  I have 5 ready & was going to put all five in one bag, but it’s end up they don’t all fit.  So instead I guess I’m going to put three in each bag & I need to make up another “issue.”

I finished doing the MySpace contacting of the however many thousand folks I thought might be interested in following Silber in other ways.  I think I got about 3 new friends on Facebook, 2 new people on the mailing list, & 5 new followers on Twitter.  I really wished all the hours I’d invested in MySpace I had invested just in focusing on Silber proper.  At this point I feel like checking my MySpace account is around as important as checking Bebo or Orkut or Friendster.  Live & learn I suppose.  Which is a big part of why the Silber Facebook presence is nominal at best.

I got in the tracks for the Thorn1 EP to master today.  More news on that “soon” (as they say).

So speaking of mastering, I got in the “sample” masters for the Remora album.  Here they are, I would appreciate input as far as if anything stands out as amazing or they all feel about the same.  It’s the same song & same mix that went to everyone.

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3 Responses to QRD, Small Art, Myspace, Thorn1, Remora

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i think you need a Gocco Kit.

    we did our latest covers with one…..