Publicity, Blister, Major Morgan, Etc

Finally got things going for starting the publicity campaign for the new releases.  Starting with emailing radio stations & DJs (Silber’s number of contacts greatly exceeds the email limit on my server, so it’ll take a few days to get emails out to everyone).  It’s going to be interesting to see how these folks feel about downloads since there are not physicals of most of these releases available.  I feel like it’s a little bit snobbery to not have physical releases & if I had the extra $10,000 laying around all five of these releases would get the full treatment.  But sometimes reality comes around.

I found my missing Heart Attack Envelope filter in the case with the guitar I have strung with wires.  I also did some recording & was playing without a pick & did it enough to get a blister on my thumb.  Makes me feel like I did some work.

I bought a second Major Morgan (it’s a kid’s electronic toy/instrument) & the little plug to hook the battery up was busted & I actually fixed it.  Makes me want to get into trying to make pedals out of toys again.  Maybe after I record the new album & feel comfortable totally re-working my pedal board without fear of losing unrecorded songs.

Put a bunch of reviews up on the site on the various product pages.  Still need to decide about if I need to populate the entire site with the slightly adjusted banner or just take it as individual pages get updated or wait until there’s more changed with it.  The big change was switching to a different javascript that let the random image in the right of the banner appear without giving an active x warning in Internet Explorer.  But I also added some images from new releases that link to the pages to buy them on for I think the last ten releases or so.  I’m thinking about putting animated gifs from the comics up as well & then putting it up around.

It feels like I might have crossed a barrier where I have an easier time getting things done, but we’ll see what the week brings.

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