Productive Day

I found a Radioshack with some of the circuits I needed & cleared them out.

Got some silberspy photos done.

Still working on the Irata Myspace promo.  The end is within site (this week).  Talked to Jason about it & he said they’re getting a huge spike in plays & page views, but no spike in sales on their end or mine.  Silber’s downfall has always been clinching the sale.  I don’t know if I talked about it here before, but last week I saw an interview with a guy that works in advertising that revealed what I am doing wrong with my marketing.  I’m saying, “Here are the facts that display why this is awesome & you should buy it.”  People don’t buy things because of facts & knowledge, they buy things because of emotions.  So I need to create an ad campaign that more caters to emotion because I know it is true with who I buy music from in general.  I don’t buy an album because I think it’s good, but because I have some weird emotional connection to the players.  But how to market this way is still a bit mysterious.  Will homemade YouTube videos show that musicians are real artists that need their work supported or just that they are regular folks who need regular jobs.  Like they said in Spinal Tap, “It’s a fine line between stupid & clever.”

Got a CD comp that I’m on (the 919noise first disc).

I played a show with Bryce Clayton Eiman & slicnaton.  The show went well.  Good music at a more appropriate & less intense volume than the DJ.  But it definitely a spot where music was a background coincidence, which I always have a hard time getting used to.  At least if I’m going to be the background music in a hipster bar I’m playing my own music instead of Dave Matthews covers.  I count that as a victory.

After my show I saw another band with a flat tire & I blew it up enough for them to make it home for the night.  Nice to get a good deed done.

Last Night’s Dream:
I got my job back at the video store (has it really been 15 years?).  I’m trying to remember the commands to print out the paperwork.  I can’t believe that they haven’t updated the computer system.  Then again they also haven’t upgraded from video tapes to DVDs (how long is this job going to last?).  It somehow feels more like home than my home.

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