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Today’s big news is a free EP for stream or download from shoegazery Plumerai featuring their new line-up with a new singer & drummer.  Check it out & donate some cash if you dig it to support the band.

I got out the international radio copies of the new Northern Valentine out.  A lot more to do on the promo end of course.  Also, through the end of the week the album is on sale for half price here.  Up to full price after Friday.

I talked to the curator of the warehouse space I might try to do a comic convention in (can’t remember if I talked about this here before or not).  Going over everything, I might try to have it at an established venue instead as it seems like there’s a lot of hoops to jump through to be the first one to do an event of this type at a venue which is kind of a two strike scenario since I also have never done an event like this before.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m walking home from a grocery store in the rain & one of the women who used to be in the old folks home with my grandmother pulls over & asks if she can give me a ride.  I’m not sure if it’s safe to ride in a car with her driving, but I don’t know what else to do that wouldn’t be rude.

I’m getting ready to leave my house when I end up in a room I’ve never been in before & it has a piano in it.  I always wanted a piano in the house & can’t believe I didn’t know I had one here.  As I walk by I see a key go down (the lowest B) & hear the note.  As I get into the next room there’s an old organ & the same note is hit as a stray hit.  Walking into the foyer there’s a banjo on the wall as a decoration & the B string on it is plucked.  I guess the ghost that used to live here is back….

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