Plumerai, Moodring, Electric Bird Noise, Small Life Form, Dreams & More

So I’m still in the midst of trying to get the promo ball running for the Electric Bird Noise & the stuff from the 5 in 5 series.  This past weekend of course were the release party shows (featuring Small Life Form opening) in Myrtle Beach & Wilmington & Karla Anne Lineback wrote a pretty in depth review of the shows on auralmemories.  I’ll have some video up soonish I hope & I’ll probably put some photos up on Tumblr fairly soon.

So I use Twitter quite a bit as you know & I do my best to follow all the blogs & DJs & such that have ever supported Silber.  Evidently there’s a limit of how many people you can follow on Twitter of 2000 & I hit it.  So today I had to go through & unfollow a couple hundred folks.  I kinda hate doing that.  I’ve never figured out how to really use Twitter anyway as far as building a community on it instead of just micro-blogging.  So I’ll just try to stay satisfied that I can still use it the way I want to.

Here’s a new video from Plumerai for their song “Mimosa.”

Here’s a super short new video from Moodring.

It’s probably also worth noting that Irata is working on a music video.

I also feel like I should mention that If Thousands is back in the studio.  I don’t know what the results will be in the end.

I don’t really know too much about it, but Lycia is going to have some vinyl put out relatively soon on Handmade Birds.

Going to be working on some recordings tomorrow with Ted Johnson as well as trying to finish up a Small Life Form comp track & wrapping up the next QRD in the next few days.  We’ll see how much I can get done.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m in high school sitting outside in the yard at a picnic table with a group of folks I wouldn’t call me friends, but I am part of their clique.  Word comes in that cops are coming in & we all run, trying to get in the building before getting rounded up.  Everyone but me goes the main route & cops in riot gear get them all boxed in.  I’m following the edge of the campus, running in the two foot space between some storage buildings & the ten foot chainlink fence.  I cut over to get to an entrance into the main building & there’s just one cop blocking the way.  He has a neon yellow baton & is crouched to try to hit me at the knee.  I manage to kick the club out of his hand & he pulls his gun & tells me to lay face down & pretend I took the hit.  I lay down & he puts a sheet of black plastic over me & then I get a hit to the head that knocks me out.  I come to leaning over a desk in a storage room rather than a class room & there are two teachers looking over me & the dozen other kids in the room instead of cops.  I ask if I can go to the bathroom & the teacher tells me I need to go up two flights of stairs to get to the nearest bathroom & she gives me a glass carafe & asks me to fill it at the water fountain.  I take the carafe & when I get to the main floor I realize that the school is the largest building I’ve ever been in other than an airport terminal.

There’s some dude hitting on my girlfriend.  He says he makes over a million dollars a year selling real estate.  I ask him how much he makes a month & he says about $100,000.  This dude’s a fucking liar.

I don’t know who my masters are, but I’m a slave.  It’s gotten to the point that when they whip my back, even to the point of bleeding, I can’t really feel it any more; I just take it as a fact of life.

I’m out of town on work.  When I get home my grandmother has died alone without me.

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