Out of the Unknown

So today I got some stuff done.  I took my car for it’s second inspection failure & tomorrow I take it for the DMV to give me a waiver hopefully.  I put in the solid state drive in my laptop.  I was told I should notice a performance difference & I’m pleasantly surprised to say I actually do.  I’m scheduled to be going down to help Phillip Palmer record his album on Friday & then next week go out with The Independents for five days & then back to finish Philip’s record & then up to the winery for Stompfest.  Also if possible I’m supposed to get in a grant request by this Friday & supposed to record a 24 hour album (album written & recorded in a day) on Wednesday.  & I need to finish staining the puzzle boxes.  I’m quite frankly overbooked.  But I’d be okay if I hadn’t spent so much time feeling sorry for myself over the past few days.  So it goes.

So here’s an episode of Out of the Unknown about identity theft.  This show is well on it’s way to replacing Outer Limits as my favorite sci-fi anthology show.

Last Night’s Dream:
I keep looking around in various deserted places unsure of how I get from one to the other – a desert, Antarctica, possibly the surface of Mars.  They all seem safe & feel like home.

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    you should move to Iceland