Original Soundtrack – The God Inside My Ear

If you’ve been following Silber for a while, you know that I did some comics with Joe Badon a few years ago (Built & Bottle Comics: Salvation as well as writing a story for an anthology he put together) & a while ago he was doing a comic kickstarter for his Terra Kaiju comic & I helped put together a soundtrack compilation to promote the comic.  Recently Joe made a movie & he asked me to try to do some stuff for him & it was a lot of fun.  It’s been probably five years since I was actively pursuing soundtrack gigs & close to ten since I really worked on one.  It’s great to have people you work with moving up & doing exciting things & dragging you along with them.  For years I’ve felt like I’ve been trying to be the one dragging people up, so it’s great to feel like someone else is tugging me up when things are a bit down.  So anyway, The God Inside My Ear is on the festival circuit at this point, but hopefully we’ll all be able to see it in the near future.  Meanwhile here’s the soundtrack including at least one piece by me (maybe more, I did three & can’t remember how many he used).

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