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So I think I finished laying out the Northern Valentine press release for the new album.  Waiting to hear back from the band on it & then there’s one bit I might need to change the color on slightly depending on legibility in black & white.  So watch out for that release to be available to purchase direct from Silber next week & in stores in a couple months & of course getting reviewed & on the radio the next few weeks as well.

So while getting ready for the promo mailing for the Northern Valentine, I’ve been doing some press & radio updates.  It’s been a while since I’ve done them myself.  Usually Silber interns have done it the past five years or so, but right now it seems I’m running low on interns.  Bill Pernell who has been a great help over the past several years has landed a new job that will take him away from any big Silber projects & I’d like to publicly thank him for all his help the last 4 years.  So if you find yourself with a couple hours of down time on the internet a week & have the ability to open & edit a spread sheet file & are interested in helping out a bit, just let me know.

I talked to Peter Aldrich & he might draw a comic for me (I got a first draft written for it & sent to him to proof).  We also talked about a few possible musical & video collaborations.  Just have to wait & see what can come to fruition given the schedules we both have.

As promised, here’s the video from the Remora show this past Monday:

& here’s another little video from mwvm.

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