New Releases, Tours, & Radio Sessions

Out in stores today are Lycia’s Cold & mwvm’s rotations.  Out in about a month are new releases by Origami Arktika & Plumerai.  You can buy all the stuff on our front page.

In the new issue of Aural Innovations there’s an interview with me about Remora & Silber.  Read it here.

Our friend Patricia Russo has one of her stories read on Drabblecast, check it out here.

I’ve been thinking lately about offering Silber Releases for digital download directly from us at a significantly higher bit-rate than iTunes & at a slightly lower price.  What do you think?  Is it worth the hassle?

Collective Voice did a Silber broadcast a while back & it’s now available to listen to the archive of it


Remora & Electric Bird Noise are touring again in South Carolina, Georgia, & Alabama.  Check out the calendar to see your favorite southern post rock party bands.

Plumerai is on tour from Boston to Chicago to North Carolina.  Check out the calendar.

Remora’s long discussed (& feared) electro EP is almost done.  It will indeed be released by an Italian label.  More info as it gets closer to coming out.

The Halloween comp is going to be a free thing again & will have tracks by some pretty heavy hitters like Lycia & Attrition.

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