New Releases from Clang Quartet & Twelve

Clang Quartet has a new vinyl LP called Revival of the Wretch available from RRRecords.

Twelve has a new disc out on Saturday Night Sunday Morning Records.

We have a new page you can use for your start page.  Lots of links & a Google search box….

I’ve been realizing lately I’m getting close to 800 hours behind on some internet research work for the label.  So if anyone is interested in donating any amount of time to helping, email me.

Plumerai are mixing & mastering their new album.

June 9 there will be a Silber oriented show in Whitesburg, KY including Remora, Clang Quartet, Jamie Barnes, Electric Bird Noise, & Arbus.

Tara Vanflower will be onstage singing with Type O Negative on their upcoming Phoenix, AZ show.

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