New QRD, New LK, Remora Remix contest

Some of you probably already know some of this stuff, especially since the new LK has been my avatar for a month….

The new issue of our webzine QRD is a series of interviews with indie
record store owners about the current state of the music industry &
includes some of our favorite shops like Aquarius & Mod Lang. Check it out at

There’s some remix materials for the upcoming Remora – Mecha release on Centre of Wood. Check it out at

There’s a new issue of my stickfigure comic Lost Kisses. It’s issue 6 -
“Reasons to Run & Hide/Stay by Her Side” & it’s about the pro’s & con’s of an abusive relationship. Here’s the link
My favorite recent review of LK: “…a bizarre narcissistic hate-fest…” ~ Nick Marino, Nasty Musings

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