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So I posted up a review of The Sisters of Mercy’s Floodland over on Nostalgia Equals Distortion.

Rik over at Ping Things has this pretty brilliant sale going on.  If someone reviews one of his releases he gives them a $10 credit on their next order.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to clone it or not.  I really like the idea of it.  Incidentally one of the releases you can review is the free download of Remora’s Ensoulment.

Did some work putting up some new reviews on the website of about a dozen different releases.  So if there’s something you’ve been thinking about buying, check out the site & see if there’s some news to push you over the edge on buying it.

I checked out my webstats for the past month.  It’s interesting to see the number of folks checking out the free downloads.  About 500 for the Christmas comp & 100 each for Rllrbll, Magi, & Remora.  I don’t even know if those are good numbers.  The Christmas comp from 2006 has almost 50,000 downloads & the Halloween comp from 2007 has about 45,000.  How have things changed that much?  Still running the same type of promotion as best I can, but I guess MySpace & newsgroups & forums are gone….


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