Myspace Money?

It’s getting to the point that I really need my laptop to start working.  It ends up that when I copied over my Pagemaker files to my back-up hard drive, it doesn’t keep the links correctly so to print the mini-comics for SPACE I’d have to re-link about 2000 image files, which I don’t want to do if I don’t have to.I got a weird legal letter from MySpace to me care of my publishing company saying they owe me money.  I need to look into if it’s a scam as I’ve never heard of anybody else getting something like this?  I guess in the fine print of the MySpace agreement they have the right to exploit your music & I guess that means they did, which is exciting.  Though their selection is a little nutty & unexpected.  Miss Massive Snowflake’s instrumental cover of “The One I’ve Been Waiting For.”  Anyone know anything about this happening?Last night I saw Star Trek III for the first time.  How did I not pick up on Kirk & Spock being lovers before?

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