my back bends

Alright, so those following my DVD cartoon fiasco.  I’ve come to the conclusion I can’t create what I’m trying to on my machine with any of the seven softwares I have tried.  Sonic Foundry Vegas really seemed like it was going to work, but when I exported my video it was at 2 gigs a minute & that can’t be right.  So the guy who’s doing the DVD authoring is going to do this part too, which is okay I guess because it’s a good idea  to have someone other than me have the final say in how fast the frames are moving.  But it just kinda sucks how long it took me wasting time for nothing to work.  I would’ve been finished with the whole project if it wasn’t for all the delays trying software that didn’t work.  So tomorrow I have to record thirteen drones for the DVD, finish exporting ten videos frame by frame, design the menu pages, get templates for art & figure out where I want to go for manufacturing.  This is the problem with releasing something on my own label.  By the time something is done I am so fed up with it that I’m not excited about it at all.  When someone else is involved I lose half the headaches.  Of course I gain new ones.  After I’m done with this I have a bunch of other stuff I want done before my tour starts next Friday, but we’ll see what happens.

I need to find something that calms me down, it seems like all my hobbies rev me up instead of relaxing me.  Maybe I should start doing paintings of unicorns for the next Hotel Hotel album cover.

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