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As promised, here is the new mwvm available for free stream or download (donations appreciated).  Guitar ambient with a little western tinge & some angst on the inside.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m on the beach working on some comic scripts & the waves come up & grab them.  I’m able to recover the wet papers, but I’m not sure if the words are still on them.

I’m at a party.  Or I guess mostly a post party.  You know how grown-up parties are a whole weekend with people hungover more of the time than they’re actually drunk?  It’s one of those jobs & it’s a Saturday afternoon after staying up drinking to watch the sunrise.  I’m just sitting in a chair with a beautiful cover chair in the kitchen trying to ignore everyone & a girl comes up behind me & covers my eyes singing, “Guess who?”  She cranes her face around to me & uncovers my eyes.  I have no idea who she is.  I’m 95% certain I have never seen her before & 100% certain I have no idea who she is.  I hate fucking parties.

I go to see a friend of mine.  He lives far away & traffic can be unpredictable.  I end up getting there around 6am & he’s lying on the ground sleeping in the front yard under blankets that have become rags.  The dew is settled on the blankets & his face & I don’t think he’d look much different if he was dead.

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