moving & grooving

Finally got myself in a working groove (or maybe just seeds are starting to grow).

Scanned in the art for xo 4 & cleaned up the images.  Now it just needs the layout & printing & cutting & folding & stapling & bagging.  Hmm… doesn’t sound as close to done as I thought….

Got some orders filled today & it’s always nice to have a little income.

One of my distributors is wanting to change from the cool way of doing business where they pay up front (which no one does) to working on three month consignment (which is standard).  I guess I can’t complain.  Actually I have another distributor I don’t really work with anymore because my music doesn’t generally fit what they’re about that returned a bunch of stock they had paid for & when I tried to contact them about it, the buyer associated with my account had left & they had no records about things.  I honestly don’t know if they’re in business now.  Of course I could just as easily tell stories about a half dozen places that bellied up owing me money, but I’m trying to keep my good mood today.

Did the preliminary feeler interview for interviewing Northern Valentine for QRD.  Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the interesting stories to ask about are going to be & the more obscure the artist, the more important that it be a good interview.

Finished the artwork for the Small Life Form Alive EP & got approval for the Northern Valentine EP art.  Tomorrow I’ll hopefully knock out everything for slicnaton/remora/northern valentine: clear field.

As I’m writing this I am uploading the Northern Valentine free EP & the Small Life Form free EP.  Get you stars some links tomorrow.

I’ve been hooked on that MechQuest game lately.  Which to me means playing for fifteen minutes a day.  My robot wears a pilgrim hat & has a pizza cutter for a right arm.

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