Most Popular Silber Releases of 2015


Hope 2016 is off to a great start for you.  Mine’s a little miserable as I had a flu that turned into pneumonia (to quote the doctor, “You’re having trouble breathing”), but I’m still alive with antibiotics & a steroid inhaler so I can’t complain too much.  While it has slowed down some of the Silber plans (most notably the issue of QRD that’s been waiting to be edited since August), we still have big plans for 2016 starting with releases from darkwavers Heaven Falls Hard & prog droners Space Sweeper in February.

I made up a special download bundle (available on the front page at , $20 download, right around half price, 6 hours of music) of the ten releases that were generating the most traffic on the Silber website last year.  While most of them were released last year & come as no surprise, it was interesting to see some oldies show up like Andrew Weathers’ entry in the 5in5 series & Aarktica’s Pure Tone Audiometry & The Wet Teens’ record (which I actually had to turn to a no index page a couple years ago because the porn traffic was effecting some stuff on the technical side of running a website, so I’m not sure how a release that is nearly unsearchable generated so much traffic, but I take it as a compliment to a fun record I like that really probably doesn’t belong in the Silber catalog).  Anyway, here’s the list:
Various Artists: Broken Hearts Broken Sounds
Andrew Weathers: They Turned the Heat On
Yellow6: No Memories Only Photographs
Aarktica: Pure Tone Audiometry
The Wet Teens: Let It Pee
Various Artists: Make Some Noise
Philip Polk Palmer: Here in the Deadlights
Various Artists: Kaiju Temple
Chvad SB: Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot Tree
M is We: M is We

If you just stream music these days, you can listen to them all on this Spotify playlist:

Thank you for your interest & support, I couldn’t do it without you.

Brian John Mitchell

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