More stuff going on.

So the other day on Finally Checking It Out I reviewed Richard Corben’s Dark Planet which is an oddly watchable mess.

On Nostalgia Equals Distortion I reviewed the original War of the Worlds movie going into some personal & general history of the War of the Worlds.

My Kickstarter campaign for the comics got approved.  I still need to do all the stuff to get the campaign started & ready to go & to coincide that with the next Silber newsletter (which I guess will be the first of this year, so much for making that come out every month).

I got in the Northern Valentine disc.  I need to do the press release & one sheet & set the release date & all that.  I also need to do the same thing for the new mwvm & the release I did with my son Andrew.  I’m the only one holding these things up & I don’t know why I can’t get myself motivated & just get them done.

I just got booked a Remora noise gig for this Monday.  Going to be a drone set again.  I’ve been pretty happy with the last two, so I’m kinda stoked to see how it goes over with people who are more used to the song oriented stuff.

I got an email from Jason Strutz that the comic we’re collaborating on (Astronaut Jane) is almost done.  It was an interesting project in that it worked by him showing me a collection of finished drawings & me writing a story based on what will be the cover of the comic.  So I guess I’ll soon really need to send out some comics for promo as I’ll have about a dozen since my last promo batch went out – Lost Kisses #22, Lost Kisses #23, Lost Kisses – September 11 Special, Vigilant #2, Built #2, REH #1, REH #2, REH #3, Star #2, Lost Kisses Daily Volume I, Astronaut Jane #1, Cerebus Reflection, & hopefully XO #8, Worms #7, Extreme Lost Kisses #2, Promute Origins, Pow Wow #1, End of the World #1, & Lost Kisses #24.  Wow, I guess I have done a bunch of comics in the past year.

I’ve been talking to the head of my local art council a bit about helping them get the word out a bit more given their budget constraints.  They sent out an email mentioning their Facebook page & saying their goal was to have 1000 fans by the end of 2012.  I’m hoping they don’t have an actual social media person they pay with such low goals as that.  I laid out a Facebook ad campaign that I think would get them 1000 fans (which of course means nothing in reality) for $20.

I have been doing some secret plotting about trying to do little mini-comic convention here locally.  I got a couple things going today about possibly making it happen or at least getting the ball rolling.  I’ll let you know more as things develop.

Last Night’s Dreams
I put on my guitar & out comes a highly technical guitar solo that I had no idea I was capable of playing.  In fact I’m not even sure I’m playing it because my hands look like blurry spiders & I have no control over them.

I’m going for a walk & I see this huge cicada skin, about the size of a chipmunk.  I pick it up & the bug is still inside the skin & I drop it & it runs away into a hole in the ground.  When these guys come out this year to mate it is going to be loud.

I’m at a show on tour & my buddy Ryan is trying to impress some girl.  I grab his bicep as I walk by & say, “Holy crap!  Your muscles are huge!”  Then I tell the girl, “You gotta feel this!”  & she grabs his arm & I walk away & sit in a booth with some other friends.  There’s this girl hanging out who is tiny, I ask her, “How much do you weigh? 72 pounds?”  She says, “Don’t be ridiculous, I weigh 78 pounds.”

I’m trying to teach someone how to cook eggs over medium; but I’m using a cast iron pan & I’ve never cooked in one before, so I’m not sure it’s going to work out.

I’m opening a new business, a used bookstore.  The thing that makes mine special is that it’s open 24 hours a day.  Which I’m really not sure is a good idea.

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