More Cyborgs & Cats

I posted up reviews of Cyborg 2 & Cyborg 3 on Finally Checking It Out as I watched them while making the comics.

Still spending more or less all my time assembling the comics.  I’m leaving town tomorrow for the comic convention & I suppose I should spend thirty minutes playing guitar & it’ll take an hour to pack.  I’m going to stop in Greensboro to visit Will Dodson on the way up & stop in Lansing, NC to visit Nic Slaton on the way back.  Then finish up the packages to mail the comics out & then get back to work on music stuff.

I also stumbled across this pretty great kitty cat short today.

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5 Responses to More Cyborgs & Cats

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    just thinking you should do a comic called “More cyborgs than cats”

    about a slave class (cyborg) in future america. maybe from the cat perspective.

  2. DistortedHorizon says:

    Battlestar Galactica with cats in charge?

    • GoddakkAttack says:

      i’ve only seen the original :/ and can only think of the cats as that goofy dog thing Muffit

      • DistortedHorizon says:

        Just saw Muffit for the first time in my life thanks to Google. It reminds me of ALF… I really have to watch the original series :D

  3. That does sound like a good idea. Would a cat’s quality of life improve by being owned by a robot instead of a human? Of course as a super serious drama social commentary instead of as a comedy…..