Minor Glitches, Georges Melies, Dreams

I got a bunch of packages that should’ve gone out two weeks ago ready today.  So now that I don’t need to worry about that I can start to do some work on other things.

I needed to print up some press releases & it took me twenty minutes to get my new computer to recognize my printer & then it ended up this machine didn’t have the fonts I designed the press releases with.  Going to be a tedious process getting this machine to have all the things I’m used to having.  But I guess that’s fine since I’m postulating putting more limitations on my use of machines.

So the other day I watched some Georges Melies movies with my grandmother.  I’d forgotten how awesome that guy is.  Below is one of his typically bizarre shorts that I hadn’t seen before:

Last Night’s Dreams:
I go to visit my niece at her mother’s house.  The house is chaotic & my niece has a ton of healing semi-open wounds that look bound to leave scars.  She wants me to play dolls with her.

I’m at a wake for a friend of a friend.  It was arranged to be an album recording in a house converted into a studio & in a loft section above the living rooms is where the drums are set up & I’m up there too playing bass while almost passing out.  I can feel my chest starting to collapse like it sometimes does lately & I’m wondering if something this nice will happen when I die.

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2 Responses to Minor Glitches, Georges Melies, Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i can’t watch this youtube with sound at work but when i do i imagine it set to that smashing pumpkins song from the 90′s where they shoot the rocket into the moon’s eye.