Mini-Comics, QRD, Casual Bombs, Miles Davis Dream

So I re-worked the mini-comic pages today so that people can actually buy all the stuff I sent out for promo.

I also designed a little ad for on Cerebus TV (ad swap with QRD, though the ad is for the mini-comics).

Sent out to some of the potential advertisers for QRD because even the interested parties haven’t sent in their images.  There are still plenty of slots available if anyone wants one for $10.

Been working on ads for Silber stuff on QRD as well as making the ads for the kickback advertisers that still work.  About 10 done & 40 to go.  Eventually I’ll go back & put the ads for the Silber stuff in the back issues too.

So evidently (does anyone else pronounce & try to spell this word as “evidentally”?) my new project Casual Bombs is going to have a track on a compilation that I’m not putting out (meaning someone else is).  Kind of funny.  It’s been a long time since I was in a music project where I didn’t feel like I was the one who had to push the stuff out into the world & I like that feeling.

Last Night’s Dream:
Miles Davis is playing guitar.  The sound is loud & cacophonic & beautiful.  He beats the shit out of his guitar & his right hand is bleeding, spitting blood on the guitar & stage.  The hard & heavy solo continues until he breaks five strings, then suddenly when the fifth string breaks the whole band calms down & Miles plays a beautiful little melody similar to what he would play on his trumpet during a cool down song finale on the remaining string (which is the D string). I want his blood-splattered sunburst Les Paul.

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