mecha comics

I just finished the script & panel layout for the Mecha comic.  It is a little melodramatic; but what do you want from a story about having an erased youth, a dead girlfriend, & a thirty year old robot anthropomorphized into a best friend.  It makes me think I can write Worms #3 tomorrow & then all of my slaving comic artists will have work to do.  Maybe I’ll start knocking back a script every day & just hope that one day I have a cast of thirty artists to work on them.  Let’s see, if I had all the series that are semi-started going there would be Lost Kisses, XO, Worms, Marked, Aia, Mecha, (R)evolution, & Zombie Kisses.  If only I could make some money & pay the people for their work it could all really start to happen.

Trying to book some shows for early March.  It seems two months out might not be enough time as I couldn’t get my desired date in Pittsburgh.  We’ll see what’s up in the end as there are a lot of different possible routes depending on what falls together or apart.

I got an email from CD Baby saying they deposited the exact same transaction as last week in my account again this week.  Somebody somewhere is trying to get my checkbook out of balance….

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