Mead, Puzzle Boxes, & Mixes

I made a couple of batches of mead today.  It was the end of a bottle of honey so one of the batches ended up that it’s going to be 15% alcohol.  Which is maybe too strong to drink like a beer.

I got in my order of a thousand cubes to use to make the puzzle boxes & while they were a third of the price of where I ordered the initial 100, there seems to be a much higher error ratio for some not actually being perfect cubes (which makes them useless for making the boxes).  I suppose in the end if I’m really going to make a bunch of these boxes & sell them I need to figure out where the best place to get the cubes is going to be.

Did some tweaking on the Remora track for the North Pole Pop compilation & worked on getting something useful from the Butterfly Corpse recordings (see previous post).  So it feels like a positive day going.

Merry Christmas.  It’s the day when people of all faiths celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

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