Live Remora, Vlor on Amazon, & a couple other things

Okay, so I got up one of the free EPs (should be going live any minute here).  It’s the Remora performance from the Guitar Antiheroes 919 Noise Showcase back in May.  I had five guitars, a bass, & 4 amps for the show.  I probably should have had a little more, but my car isn’t a hatchback & that was pretty much all I could fit in it.  So anyway, I mastered that & did the artwork & little press thing today.  There should be three more free EPs in the next day or two from Moodring, Small Life Form, & Aarktica.  Tons of free junk here at the end of the year so maybe you can send us diamonds for Christmas instead of coal.  Then again, coal would keep us warm….

I think I have everything straight about making my digital download store work, but I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.

A guy told me that Amazon has a bunch of stores selling the Vlor disc new for less than me.  I find that interesting & confusing.  At least on US domestic it is inaccurate because the stores charge $2.98 for shipping putting them a total of $0.20 more expensive than me.  Which still seems like an incredibly great rate that confuses me (I think it means there’s $3.60 to split between my distributor, the store, & Amazon).  Not to mention the fact that I think more stores are offering it saying they currently have it in stock than I think I’ve sold copies of to distros. (Details: choose the best app to buy Amazon shares here)

Promo for the free releases should take all week long.  Sorry to everyone I’ve been out of touch with.  Things are hectic.  They’ll calm down in the new year.

Looks like I’m going to be making a short live action film called “Check” with Will Dodson (who co-wrote it with me over the phone & will co-star) & Stwrongtone Films.  I’ll let more news out when it’s set up enough for other people not to rip it off.

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