Listing today’s accomplishments

Fairly productive day again.

Drew about 20 panels for Lost Kisses #9.

Wrote lyrics for five songs for The Carnage Visors (hope to record tomorrow, we’ll see).

Got the presumed final mixes for slicnaton versus small life form to master.  Hopefully I’ll get those done tomorrow as well.

Got some stuff to work on for mastering Carta.  A song that has unintentional noise on some pre-mixed tracks.  Hope to get it knocked out pretty quickly & shot back to the band so they can do the final mixes for the album.

Got an email from a distro promising money by the end of the week, could be sweet.

Got 3 local gig offers (2 in the next 7 days & one heavy metal battle of the bands?).  We’ll see what happens.

Got an interview back for QRD.

Got some follow up questions from the weekly, I’ll get those answered tomorrow.

Got some info about doing the public access show & am starting to round a few folks up to work as crew.  Nic Slaton brought up the concern of who owns the intellectual property of the materials made on city equipment & I need to look into that.  I imagine that it would either belong to me as the producer (in which case I can give it to the guests) or might be dedicated to the public domain.  Like I said, I need to look into it.

Going to be a busy week trying to make everything happen that I want to.

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