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So first off I want to mention the compilation that was put together as a tribute to Lee Jackson.  For those of  you who don’t know who he was, he was a music reviewer & Mats Gustafson’s partner on The Broken Face.  In the late 1990s he was one of about ten writers that paid attention to what I was doing enough that it encouraged me not to give it up.  He was about the same age as me & died a couple months ago from ALS.  Anyway, this compilation is 12 hours long & in general somewhere between jazz & space rock & has 94 artists including Remora, Stone Breath, Windy & Carl, Zanzibar Snails, Abunai, Six Organs of Admittance, Roy Montgomery, & I’m sure a ton of other people whose names you’ll recognize.  It’s distributed via Bandcamp & all the proceeds go to the ALS Association.

I mostly finished QRD #54.  Waiting for last minute edits from the people I interviewed & for a couple last minute interviews to come in.  But it’s more or less live.  It’s a Father’s Day Special.  I’ll be rolling in on the next issue pretty soon as I have enough stuff in for another guitarist special.

I did another wave of follow-up emails for the Northern Valentine release.  I sent it out about 3 months ago, so I suppose it’s time for the follow-up to end.

The other day I went to the book store with my niece & I read this Justice League kid book & I realized that my comics I write aren’t really comics as much as kid books with totally inappropriate content.  Which is interesting because I remember when I was 20 & super into Franz Kafka I read that he was trying to write in the style of children’s faerie tales & I thought to myself, “I should do that.”  Of course I’ve never actually read any fairy tales, but I think that might be my next step.  For the past several years I’ve been having my writing influences be mainly stuff from the 1920s-1940s & maybe it’s time to delve back to the stuff that influenced the things I like.  I’ll let other people worry about doing what is hip & relevant today & work towards something that would be hip & relevant in the 1600s.

In other comic news, I wrote a first draft of one of the custom comics for the Kickstarter campaign from a while back.

Last Night’s Dreams:
Jon DeRosa flies down from New York to see one of my shows as a surprise.  I’m driving him to his hotel & on the way I make him listen to Motorhead 1916.

I’m at a party at Peter Aldrich’s dad’s house.  His dad & step mom are there, but it’s the kind of party where girls in cocktail dresses are passed out in their vomit on the living room floor.  I’m trying to find a bathroom to take a shower in, but I can’t find a bathroom that doesn’t have people passed out in it.  I end up standing by a table that has tea light candles set in plastic cups filled with water on it & eat some Triscuits from the snack spread.

I’m working a job at a call center.  My feet are itchy & I take my shoes off & see that I have a few hundred scars on my feet from drug injections & I realize that this is a charade.  This is not where I work.  These aren’t my co-workers.  I stand up & lean over my cubicle wall & ask one of the co-workers, “Do I belong here?”  Her eyes go wide & she starts frantically jamming a button on her headset.  I run out of the cubicle room& go to a hallway with real offices as I hear the elevator open & soldiers marching out.  There’s a window at the end of the hallway.  It’s dark outside & I’m on the third floor.  When I touch the window it isn’t made of glass, it has a lot of give, like a trampoline & I can’t break in.  One of the offices has a door that is jar & I go in & hide under the desk.

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