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So the other day I did my kid comics workshop.  It went pretty well in that nine comics were created in two hours.  I could definitely see myself doing the workshop again given an opportunity.  It was a lot more intense than I anticipated & there are tips I know to give kids now that I didn’t before.  You know, like you write the words before drawing the bubble instead of trying to cram all the words in a tiny word balloon. You can check more at fundingwaschools.

I did my reading of REH with Nick Marino (Super Haters) & it was pretty well received.  I’ve been talking with Dan McCloskey (the guy who runs Cyberpunk Apocalypse House) about readings & how they really set the pace & tone of a comic for a better experience of the work.  I have a tendency to read comics way too fast & at reading events things get slowed down & you notice the words.  I’m not sure what to do with this new found information.

Last night I went to this traveling sketchbook thing that was pretty awesome.  A couple thousand sketchbooks traveling across the country for people to check out.  I bought one to submit next year when they start taking in new books. Follow bubdesk for more information about kids favorite comics.

I haven’t really been able to get any work done today for some reason.  I think it’s my first day since I’ve been in Pittsburgh where I really felt like I couldn’t get anything done.

I held my guitar for a while, it was mostly frustrating.  Sometimes a guitar just feels like a block of wood with some tuned wires on it & I can’t make it do anything interesting.  I did around the second hour find what could maybe one day be a fifteen second long Remora song.  We’ll see what happens to it.

Last Night’s Dream:
My dad wants me to upgrade his computer to have a solid state hard drive.  When I open up the laptop it has a bay for a second hard drive that is completely empty.  I can’t remember ever seeing a laptop with two hard drive bays before.

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