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So I’m trying to do a little more to promote the Kickstarter comics campaign even though it’s fully funded.  I’m not a member of any comic forums (surprisingly active compared to music ones) & so I joined a few today to post about the campaign in.  We’ll see what happens.

I was going through my calendar today & somehow I have my life booked up for the next several months.  I think two free weekends in the next three months.  I got to get to work & get a bunch of things done in the next few weeks to be ready for it.  I guess it’s better to have things going on than to not have things going on.

In comic news, I got in artwork for Astronaut Jane #1 & Pow Wow #1, sent Andrew White the script for REH #4, & wrote a rough script for another issue of XO.

The majority of the day was updating addresses for the promo mailing for Northern Valentine.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m watching TV & Frasier is on.  Frasier, his brother, & his dad are all after the same girl & between the three of them spend 252 million dollars on antiques trying to impress her.  Frasier buys a thousand year old tapestry & his dad puts it down on the floor as a carpet & accidentally spills some coffee on it.  It ends up the woman’s a lesbian & not interested in any of them.

Facebook has a new skins/theme thing for choosing how your profile & interface look.  They suggest one to me called “Married with Children” & I’m not sure if it’s about the television show or the state in life, much less why it is recommending it to me.

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