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The big news is the Silber Mini-Comic Kickstarter went live today.  It is already half funded from just two backers, neither of whom have ever read my comics before (they are piers in a comic group).  So I’m pretty excited about that.  The things that are currently available on the Kickstarter campaign might not ever be available again, so yeah, buy some stuff while I’m making it.  Here’s my crap video about it.

So I don’t know if any of you have heard about this band Bleed Electric.  I’m not particularly impressed by whatever it is they’re trying to do personally (semi-whitty plunderphonic pop I guess), but I am interested in how they released their new EP.  What they did was they released the six songs as free individual downloads via six different music blogs (I’m not sure if it was all up on the same day or over the course of a week).  I mean, I guess it’s successful because here I am talking about a band I would never really listen to.  The thing is I just checked & they have less than 1000 followers on Facebook, so I’m kinda curious how they can get coverage when I can hardly get any bloggers to review Silber stuff which I’d guess has a similar low level of popularity.  I mean I guess the truth is they probably invested some money in a professional publicist & some ads in the blogs & given the low fan base I doubt it will pay for itself, but then again if it generates enough publicity to get one advertisement spot or to get a few seconds of a song played over a television newscast, it could pay for itself.  But I feel safer gambling a thousand dollars with the Bitcoin Code in the stock market than on music right now.

Trying to get a bunch more work done for getting my promo list ready for all the new stuff.  Always takes longer to update than anticipated.

Wrote a first draft for a new issue of REH.  I think that it may become my dominant series if I’m not careful.

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