Just a bunch of things happening.

So I’ve been pretty busy this past week trying to get some headway on the promotion for the new Electric Bird Noise record.  Here’s a pretty in depth interview he did about the album.

I also managed to help Martin Newman get an interview about Goddakk on Extreme Underground.  The formatting is weird, so you need to highlight some of the text to get most of the interview to appear.

I did a silent (that means no words) painted comic for this year’s SPACE anthology.  Waiting for the paint to dry so I can scan it in.  If you’ve seen my paintings in person before, you know they can take a few days to dry because I put it on thick to build texture.  It’s going to be 24 small canvases mounted onto three larger canvases & I guess I might try to sell it in the end, though I’m not sure what the price point should be.  It’s called “Silent Call” & is a Cthulhu-esque thing. Here’s a few of the loose small canvases.

The one headlight on my car went out, so I went to Walmart to get a replacement bulb.  I went to the clearance to section while I was in there to see if they had any cool noise making gadgets & they had the Paper Jamz drum things for just $9.50!  It has a headphone jack out, so I’m pretty stoked about actually being able to use the thing in a band setting at some point.

I got a Remora song recorded the other day for a compilation.  I guess I’ll just have to wait & see if it gets used or not.  I got asked to do a Small Life Form track for another comp & I’m hoping to do that tomorrow, but we’ll see what happens.

I got in a thing for making some polymer clay casts of the silberspy logo.  We’ll see how long it is before I have time to fool around with it.

So it looks like the Remora: Droneuary Kickstarter is pretty unlikely to get funded.  But I think I’m happier to not spend a month working hard on a record to find out how little interest there is.  I’m still planning on working on the album eventually, but just in a less intense way if the funding comes through.

Been working on proofing the interviews for the next QRD.  Taking longer to get things done than anticipated as always.

Here’s a little animated GIF I made from taking pictures of the sun reflected in the creek.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’ve taken some drug that’s supposed to be able to make me work faster, but all it seems to do is make my heart run like a freight train & I’m sure my heart is going to collapse.

I’m walking by the lake & I slip down the bank.  My feet are about to hit the water (though it seems like something stronger than water based on my fear) & I’m trying to call for help, but I can’t get my voice to work.  The more I try to climb up the more I slip down the bank.

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