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July 10, 2007

I just realized I hadn’t posted up here that Remora has some upcoming shows again in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, & Columbus.  There will be another early Saturday morning radio session on WCSB.

We have the re-mastered version of Lycia’s Cold just back from manufacturing.

Lycia – Cold Now
Shipping! In Stores Soon!

CD Album 2007 | Silber 061
9 tracks, 58 minutes

Despite being one of Lycia’s more atmospheric works, Cold became a big hit amongst the black metal & space rock crowds expanding their fan base greatly.  On the Cold tour, one would typically see as many fans in Hawkwind & Motorhead t-shirts as Sisters of Mercy t-shirts; forty-year-old rockers standing next to teenaged Goths.

: Listen to the track bare
: More info
: Reviews

In the studio right now are both Remora & Vlor.  Possible new albums from both early next year.

Also those of you wondering what all is going to be coming out on Silber this fall, we have slated releases from Plumerai, Origami Arktika, mwvm, & Hotel Hotel.  Also a Halloween Compilation.  & maybe a Remora EP.

June 23, 2007

A few weeks ago while on tour, Remora & Electric Bird Noise did a 40 minute collaborative piece on WCSB.  Our good friend Ryan Kuehn was managing the mixing board & he has a recording of it you can listen to

& you can check out his blog while you’re at it.

June 6, 2007

Maybe some of you already
heard about it, but QRD#33 (The Father’s Day issue) is now online for your reading pleasure.   The interviews are with various artistic dads about the balance between
career & family.  The interviewees are:
Benjy Johnson (Benjomatic), Chris Olley (Six by Seven), Josh Howard (Dead at 17), Patrick Ogl (Thanatos),
Martin Bowes (Attrition), Sam Rosenthal (Black Tape for a Blue Girl), William
Amundson (Change in Tymes (Nathan of Rivulets’ father)), Aaron Molina (If
Thousands), D.A. Sebasstian (Kill Switch Klick), Alan Sparhawk (Low), Shane
Sauers (Miss Massive Snowflake), Rune Flaten (Origami Arktika), Tore Boe (Origami Republika), Timothy Renner (Stone Breath), Mats Gustafsson (The Broken Face), Chris Wade (The Wades), Nevada Hill (The Zanzibar Snails),
Wayne Barnes (Tom Dooley & the Lovelights (Jamie Barnes’s father)), Dan Sostrom (Tonevendor), Joe Kendrick (WNCW), Jason Wallach (The Unquiet Void)
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