Jamie Barnes, Lycia, Remora, Goddakk, Vlor

I guess we’ve been out of touch for the past couple of weeks.  I hope everyone’s holiday season went off without too many complications.  Quite a few things are going on.

Jamie Barnes is currently in the studio working on a new album.

Remora is prepping for a string of live shows throughout this spring (check the calendar) as well as recording a number of tracks for compilation appearances.

The re-mastering of Lycia’s The Burning Circle And Then Dust has been completed & it’ll be shipped off for manufacturing soon.  Many have asked what’s up with it being a single disc instead of a double disc & I asked Mike VanPortfleet himself about the story of that, so here’s the story.  Shortly after recording what would become disc one of the album Mike VanPortfleet & David Galas were doing so well in the studio that they went on to record another ten songs with the intent of them possibly being used for compilation appearances.  Though Mike thought most of the songs were stylistically different from the initial songs, when he was offered the possibility of releasing a double disc including the more recently recorded material he decided to go ahead & release the whole lot.  Hindsight being 20-20 VanPortfleet has opted to hone the disc back down to his original vision.

We have a new member of the label roster, Goddakk (also on MySpace).  Some of you may recall Goddakk appearing on Silber X-mas 2000 five years ago.  We’ll have out the debut in just a couple months.  Goddakk is the more ambient & noisy side-project of Martin Newman of bliss-poppers Plumerai.  Speaking of Plumerai, they’re doing another mini-tour up & down the east coast in February.  Remora will be joining them on a few dates.  We’ll let you know the dates in a couple weeks.

After about two years with things up in the air, Vlor’s new disc is finally getting a little closer to completion with the initial mixing & mastering of quite a few of the songs.  Vlor is a bit of a super group this time out with members Brian John Mitchell, Jon DeRosa, Mike VanPortfleet, Jesse Edwards, Jessica Bailiff, Nathan Amundson, & Paolo Messere.  It’s mellow guitar based music at times & nearly rock & roll at others.

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