it’s too late to still be awake….

Worked more on assembling comics so I can maybe get some of those packages out before I leave town.

Fooled around with some pedal stuff & adding things to my rig for the upcoming shows.  Also I think I’m going to end up needing to build an additional pedal board to effect some ideas I have.  Maybe I can figure out a way to fit all the pedals on if I buy some more special little cables.  Basically I started playing with the looping pedals I used back in the late 1990s & I really forgot how much I liked them & I got this little bypassing pedal so I don’t need to worry about the tone suck.

Started to set up for the move of the blog onto the Silber site (installing WordPress).  Nathan Amundson (Rivulets) is supposed to help me to get it to look like I want/need it to.

My computer is still acting sluggish after the alleged virus thing.  Of course I haven’t defragged it in a long time & I only have a gig of free space on the hard drive, so that could be the real problem.  I ran a virus scan in safe mode & it didn’t find anything.

Big goals for tomorrow:
Packing for shows (equipment/merch/clothes)
Baking cupcakes for shows
Printing comics
Writing up comic press release
Clearing off my field recorder to record the shows
Answer emails
Burn copies of some stuff to proof in the car on the tour

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