I will make things happen

I think I finished mastering slicnaton versus small life form.  Just gotta let it digest a little & see.  I think with how filled up the sound spectrum is on it that it might sound totally different based on the speakers people listen through, which is both cool & uncool.

Got some more panels done for Lost Kisses #10.  Only 16 panels to go!  Then on to making them into cartoons & scoring them.

Did some follow-up for the mini-comics & found about 5 more reviews.  It would be nice to figure out how to change reviews into sales.

Got the second leg of my April/May tour canceled.  Gotta figure out what I want to do instead….

Got a small distro order I need to fill.  It’s nice to know some stores are still ordering stuff.  I still need to figure out about setting up my own digital download store.

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