I got making myself look busy down to a science

Well, the prices for flying to see Lycia look a little high.  I thought I’d go for $300 but at $400… that’s a lot of burritos….

Spent a while writing some solicited suggestions for KFJC (Silber’s favorite station).  Maybe they’ll help a little more on getting our little empire noticed & we’ll help a little more getting their empire noticed.

Sent a request in to Rapidshare to get some folks accounts killed for posting Silber albums for downloads.  I’m not sure if it’s being a jerk on my part, but I feel like everyone who has Silber stuff knows that they are literally taken money out of my hand (& sometimes burritos out of my mouth) & the artists hands by giving the stuff away like that.

A friend of mine just did a free Christmas comp that includes an exclusive Remora track, check it out here.

Got to give a shout out to Bill Pernell for his great work interning for Silber.  Right now he’s making a database to help us contact our friends/fans more appropriately about tours & other things.

Doing a collaborative recording session tomorrow, hopefully it will go well.

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