House of Prog, Interview, & Dreams

A few days after I was complaining about no one caring about the recent releases, House of Prog put up reviews of a ton of the 5 in 5 EPs.  I haven’t had time to read them all yet, but it’s nice to feel like someone cares.

I did a little interview on A Moment of Cerebus about how Cerebus influenced me.  It is nice to have an excuse to talk about something that’s important to you.

I saw a movie called Triangle that is a horror movie version of Groudhog’s Day.  If that sounds interesting to you, you should check it out.  I don’t want to give spoilers.

Last Night’s Dream:
A new planet is found in our solar system.  It doesn’t revolve on the same plane as the rest of the planets, it’s almost perpendicular to the rest as it goes around the sun & so only becomes visible ever 267 years.

Nearly simultaneously buried jets are found on four separate archaeological digs on four different continents.  All of them are dated back to before the time of dinosaurs.

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