Harry Whittier Frees Buttons & Dreams

Harry Whittier Frees made funny cat photos a hundred years before we knew that funny cats were the only answer to the existential dilemma.  Now I make buttons from his images.Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m in a city park & in the flower beds there are some cats buried except for their heads & one front paw which they are waving around.  They aren’t crying or anything, but how the hell do they stay alive?

I’m staying at some hotel that was fancy a hundred years ago, but is a bit run down now & I get lost in the housekeeping area & can’t get to my room.

I’m in New York for a show & for some reason I’m doing a tourist bus tour thing.  There’s some flyers being handed out for a show at a coffee shop that has glued on them those weird ridged plastic 3D/hologram things that were around when I was a kid.  I have no interest in the show, but I want the flyer.

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