Good Bad News

I went through & caught up with most if not all of the MySpace/Facebook/email messages from when I was out of tour.  Took the majority of the day.

I found out that Remora’s Derivative was now up for unlicensed free distribution.  The site said it was downloaded over 500 times.  Should I be flattered or upset?  It’s always hard to tell.

Contacted some potential artists for drawing the Remora Mecha comic.  We’ll see if anyone writes back.

Found another lead on setting up the digital download store.  Hopefully one will come through.

Was told the reason my recorder is eating batteries is that there’s probably a loose connection in the battery compartment.  But is it worth potentially breaking it to fix it?

Booked a couple shows today for Remora.  A show for the Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival where Just A Man is playing a few times & then what will at least theoretically be a full band show again (only one confirmed member besides me so far).

Sent out a bunch of emails to individual DJs at station I service about the new releases.

Started a campaign for Vlor on MySpace letting folks know about the new album who are fans of members of the current incarnation of Vlor.  I don’t know if it will generate sales or not, we’ll see.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much money I really want to see Silber making & how to get to that point.  Basically I need to find a way to make 8 times as much money.  So is the answer 8 times as many releases?  I don’t really think so.  I think snarky comic apparrel might be the answer….

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