Garfield without Garfield & Free Releases from mwvm & Remora

Well, we got some free music for you this time out, plus we wanted to tell you about this cool comic called Garfield without Garfield recommended by Martin of Plumerai.

mwvm - rotations remixed mwvm – rotations remixed
MP3 Remix EP 2008 | Silber 066
6 tracks, 36 minutes
free download pageWe released mwvm’s debut album rotations in the fall of 2007 & now we are pleased to give you a collection of remixes & reworkings from some close friends. The remixes include a shimmering mass of complex jarring textures by the mighty Astral Social Club, pulsing layers of precision amplitude modulation from Sonicslice, & Zac Keiller doing an alt-country cover version of “context. where?”Track Listing:
1. rotations remix by Astral Social Club
2. celestial motion remix by Sonicslice
3. negative pole remix by Scott Solter
4. windows remix by Moral Crayfish
5. context. where? cover by Zac Keiller
6. celestial motion horizontal remix by Echosonic
Remora - Ambient Ping Things Remora – ambient ping things almost live seriesRemora’s radio session from last year is now available online.
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