I got the rough draft of Just a Man #2 written.  I think I might be putting in a few too many hidden guns (basically foreshadowing) in the story.  But I guess it helps me have definitive places to go in a continuing story.  Of course it is supposed to be a limited series, so hopefully I can get it all done in the space of issues (currently unspecified).

Did some more mixing/mastering for the Sarah June record.  It’s funny how I’ll spend more time working on something I’m not getting financially compensated for than something I am.  I think I’m supposed to reverse that.

The shows went well over the weekend.  Maybe it’s just because I was never really over-exposed to it, but I find electro-clash fun/interesting.

Back to work, still need to do some things for the Vlor record & getting the new Worms & Just a Man ready to be drawn.

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