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So the five minute EP by From Oceans To Autumn came out a few days ago & now there are plans for a remix/single release for the related project Magi.  I’ll let you know more as it develops.

Got in the last four panels of artwork for Pow Wow #2.  Hoping to finish up the layout for it tonight.

Been getting in a bunch of interviews for QRD.  Which is good except now I realize how much work I’m giving to myself.

I broke down & spent a few hundred dollars on a good button maker.  If you are interested in getting some buttons made, here’s a template with ordering info on it.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m trying to ride a bike up a mountain, but I never learned how to ride a bike; so instead I’m carrying a bike up a mountain.

I’m at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse House & the three girls in the house are all vomiting in unison in different rooms.  I think they are victims of alien impregnation.

I go to Dachau doing research for a comic.  There’s no one else there as a visitor, but there are some homeless people squatting at the concentration camp.  I’m scared a ghost is going to follow me home from this place.

I’m performing in an experimental band using my Roland SH-101 & a reel-to-reel that has been modified so the flipping tail of the tape slaps across the tape head emitting random sounds.

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