Electric Bird Noise, Buttons, Comics, & Dreams

A brand new album is available from Electric Bird Noise called Desert Jelly.  It’s a bit different than a lot of his previous work.  No dronefest, in fact no guitar; it’s all synths & half of it borders on being new wave pop.  Oh, & I sing on three tracks & some kitty cats sing on another.  Check it out when you get a chance.

Been doing a bunch of work for the button stuff.  It’s nice to get some work done in a day & get paid for it then rather than hypothetically one day getting paid for the work down the line (like in music or comics).  I got in some new parts for making zipper pulls & magnets instead of just pins.  I still need to calculate out the cost for that & update the page to sell them.  Debating raising some of the other prices as well, maybe $25 for B&W & an extra $1 for colored paper & $5 extra for color.  Also I need to check what the international shipping prices actually are & set that as well.

I’m going to be the editor or the SPACE comics anthology again this year & I drew out a rough draft for a short painted comic for my contribution.  Just need to knock out the 24 images.  Hopefully in the next day or two.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I love her like a sister.  I’m holding her, trying to keep her still.  I can’t tell if she’s shivering because she’s cold or scared.

I’m driving home after a show & that are some college kids goofing off on the sidewalk.  One of them jumps out in the street in front of me & I don’t slam on the brakes because I don’t want equipment slinging forward & hitting me in the head.  He jumps out of the street when he realizes I’m not going to stop & yell at him.  I clip his foot & keep driving.  I can see him on the ground with his buddies laughing at him in the rearview mirror.

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