Last Night’s Dream:
Hanging out with Walter white & Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad). I’ve just crossed over from always calling Walter “Mister white” to occasionally calling him “Walt.”  There’s a four year-old girl we’re taking care of that doesn’t really belong to any of us, but we’re all helping take care of her because we’re all responsible for her parents’ deaths.  I’m out in the cul de sac with Jesse & the girl so Walt can flirt with some woman in her mid-twenties inside the house.  The girl wants the three of us to climb on her Big Wheel so we can all go home.  Jesse tries to get on the Big Wheel & shows the girl he can’t fit.  The girl gets back on the Big Wheel & starts riding off & I tell Jesse he can go back in the house & I chase after the girl.  When we get to the end of the road she looks at me & asks which way to go.  I tell her we’re her home now & it’s very important she never go anywhere without knowing how to get there.  I take her home & put her to bed.  In the living room Walt & Jesse are having a business meeting with a guy who looks like Anthony Michael Hall.  Mike shows up & I tell him I got him something & I hand him a shiny new box cutter.  He kinda sneers at me & says, “Thanks kid.”

I’m walking on the greenway & I see dozens of snakes.  Some are copperheads & some are corn snakes.  There’s a hill slope covered with large rocks to prevent erosion & there’s so many snakes crawling on the warm rocks that it’s hypnotizing to look at.

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