Cutting Comics & dreams

So the past couple of days I mainly worked on cutting up comics to assemble.  Quite a pain.  One day I’ll get the hydraulic cutter I need to make the cuts easy to make happen (I’ve had some not so great experiences with getting things cut at shops).

I finally admitted it’s the late 1990s & got my home phone cut off & replaced with a cell phone.

I was talking with Jeremy Bennett (Sorry Welcome) who runs a weird ebook company for a living about ideas to get Silber to become more viable in the current industry.  His top ideas are:
(1) A subscription service offering discounts  as well as potentially free material.  Of course this works best for when sites have constant new content & I really can’t see that happening with Silber.
(2) Write an authoritative ebook on experimental music with links to Silber artists as examples.  Okay, I like this idea, but in a way of course this is what QRD is about.
(3) Increase in video content & specifically how-to’s about musical sounds.  If QRD TV hadn’t failed to meet my expectations as far as visual look & sound problems in the Q&A portion, this would probably be a match.
One of my ideas that came from the conversation was having touring bands take laptops with them where they offer downloads of entire albums straight onto people’s iPods at the venue for $5 (with CDs being $10).  I haven’t seen anyone doing this & I’m not sure if there would be an interest or not, but it might be worth the zero dollars it would take to try to do it.
My other idea was to just make sure to make a music video every week.  Maybe I can do it.  I don’t really know.

The main Aarktica MySpace campaign is now complete.  Going to need to start the one for the upcoming string of SLF shows & then the Vlor one.

Talked to Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise, SAVAS, The Wet Teens) about the new sub-label Death in Silberia & The Wet Teens are going to tour to support their release.  He also had a lead for getting the Vlor track “Watch Me Bleed” a placement for the live skating portion on the Vans Warped Tour.  Not a lot of money, but I’ll take anything.

Catching up on a bunch of emails, getting ready to do the follow-up for Aarktica & Vlor & create the digital versions for reviewers to download.

I also need to record my tracks for the Silber Christmas comps or I won’t make the cut.

Recent Dreams:
(1) Mike Lomax (former live Aarktica member) was having his debut as a professional wrestler, to celebrate he was having a part where people dressed up to look like him from various points in his life.  I haven’t seen him in years, so when I got there I couldn’t figure out which one was real.
(2) I stole a bunch of bottles of soda from behind a club & put them in my pick-up truck.  The bed cover was made of skirt steak butterflied so thin it was between the texture of leather & beef jerky.  I drove to NYC to meet Martin Newman (Plumerai/Goddakk) at a record store that was half record store & half gaudy gift shop of cheap mongolian imports.  After meeting him there we needed to walk on salt flats for a couple miles to get to my car to drive back home.
(3) I was Walter White & someone had stolen the RV/drug lab.  For whatever reason rather than trying to take it back when I tracked it down to a diner/gas station/travel plaza, the solution seemed to be to sabotage the thing to be lit on fire by pouring motor oil all over the engine & brakes so it would catch fire when the folks with it re-started it.  Dream/scene ends with me/Walter walking home & a mushroom cloud lighting up the sky.
(4) I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for someone, maybe for a drug deal or maybe for someone to unlock the doors of a club.  Someone came up to car jack me & when I opened the door & they started to stick their gun hand in to threaten me I slammed the door on there hand five times with the hand crushed enough that on the fifth slam the door could actually latch.  I opened the door & the guy ran off & I picked the gun up off the parking lot & put it in my glove compartment with three other guns.

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