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So I was driving to Kirk Adam’s open studio thing tonight (a few people gather to paint, draw, etc in his warehouse space at the same time on Monday nights & I haven’t been able to attend previously because of my family obligations) & some dude took a left turn from the right hand lane & peeled off the front of my car.  We’ll see what all happens with it.  Hopefully just a headache that will be solved in a week.  Feels like I had a pretty fucking rough past few weeks.  So I hope things don’t come off as me just complaining on this blog.

So I tried to rework the music video with the images reduced in size & I still couldn’t get it to render.  Maybe I’m getting something simple wrong about it.  I’m going to try doing it with a different software or different computer in the next couple of days.

I got a second draft of XLK done & sent to Nick Marino.  Received the art for REH #2 from Andrew White.  Started writing Lost Kisses #24.  Finally started drawing the Lost Kisses September 11 Special.  So a lot of comic stuff happening for me today.

Peter Aldrich sent me a link to this video that I think may be of interest to plenty of you.

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5 Responses to Crash & Comics & Video & Fog

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    you know someone pointed out to me the twitter for #dadboners and it made me think that LK would work in the twitter format.

    just sayin. also i just wanted to use this as an opportunity to post dadboner on your sight/site.

  2. I actually wanted to try to do some Twitter style stories, but then Tweet-U-Later stopped working & I also don’t think you can see a Twitter stream in reverse order so the story would read reversed after the initial entries which might be odd.

    • GoddakkAttack says:

      it’s only odd if you look at it from the perspective of reading a linear story.

      however as someone that gets daily twitter updates/feeds the story will make sense. you just have to phrase things so that it’s not necessarily you have to read one to get the other. so that each also works as a stand alone.

      • GoddakkAttack says:

        also i don’t mean i get daily twitter updates feeds , i mean in general someone used to the format

  3. There’s a place that does Twitter poetry that actually isn’t as horrible as it sounds like it might be. Maybe I’ll work on it.