Continuing Work & Web Design

More research on new music outlets for review.  Mainly looked at british ones today.

Re-worked the frontpage again.  I think it is where I’m going to have it be.  I moved the radio link into the bar navigator moved the navigation bar below the banner.  The main thing is I added the embedded player thing (I went with the Yahoo one).

I got out the pre-orders to Aarktica: In Sea Remixes & uploaded the EP of extra mixes (I’ll get the links out to those with the orders tomorrow).

Got versions of the press releases for Carta & Sarah June up on the website finally.  Should print them out tomorrow & assemble the promos.

The new customs form for sending CDs international totally sucks.  They increased my work by maybe 90 minutes per promo mailing.  Annoying.

Tried to take some videos off my camera & realized that I bought the wrong cable (firewire instead of iLink).  Ordered a correct one from Hong Kong for $2.

Anybody use the SeaMonkey WYSIWYG web-design thing?  I’m thinking of upgrading from Netscape Composer because it messes up the scripts for Twitter & the Yahoo MP3 streamer some how & I need to re-insert them in Notepad & that’s kind of annoying.

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