comics & cameras

Filled some orders today & I’ll ship them out tomorrow.

Made some slight adjustments to one of the new comics to make it easier for the artist to work on.

I got a new camera today.  I expect to use it in a similar seldom manner to my previous 6 cameras (though I do admit to using my first two cameras quite a bit).

I’ve realized lately that it seems everyone I meet that I seem to get along with pretty well I eventually find out was raised in a church with kneelers & took a lot of hallucinogens in high school.  I wonder if that means I’d get along with everyone who meets those qualifications or if it’s just a coincidence.

So I sent a package of my comics to Dave Sim (Cerebus) & I got back a form letter saying he couldn’t spare the time to look at my stuff unless I signed an online petition saying I believed he wasn’t a misogynist.  I thought it was pretty funny.  I did sign the petition, but the whole idea about caring about what other people think enough to form such a petition is kinda funny.  Maybe I should make people sign an online petition stating I’m not a jack-ass before I listen to their demos….

I got word from both Kim & Melissa that the new Worms & XO are being worked on right now.  Pretty sweet.

Still no word back from the two other labels supposedly releasing new Remora stuff soon.  I am starting to understand why people don’t like working with labels.


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