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So today I wrote the first draft of what will probably be a one off comic.  I need to type it in still.

I also talked to one of the folks I collaborate with on comics about the fact that what I do is not really a script at all because I don’t give the artist any description of what to draw.  So I guess that’s true & I understand the complaint.  But I feel if I’m just asking someone to be a robot & draw to my specifications, it becomes work for hire instead of a collaboration.  Which means (a) I should pay them & (b) they should have no share in my intellectual property.  But the whole reason I want to work with other people on comics is the collaborative process.  I actually can draw things besides stick figures & in general the people I choose to work with is because I think their style would add an interesting take on the story.  XO to me is way more interesting with Melissa drawing than if it was done in a more super-heroic style.  Worms is way better at feeling like a dream with Kim drawing it than it would be with anyone else I know.  I don’t know, I don’t choose to work with people simply because they’re available.  I try to work with people on things they’re interested in & can contribute to artistically.  & if they’re contributing artistically they become part owner of the intellectual property with an investment rather than being a hired hand with an upfront payment.  I feel the same way about music oddly enough.

My brother told me he’s been starting to play guitar again.  So maybe he’ll be in the full band version of Remora.  I guess I’d have to let him listen to my music first.  Or I could always just let him be on stage & unplug the amp.

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