So I worked on sending out some of the personal emails about the new web releases rather than just bulking them out.  I got a little over 600 done, so nearly halfway through.  Of course the problem is that with the exception of filling a couple orders that was all I got done today & all I’ll get tomorrow.  It’s like running a label is a job instead of just fun & games sometimes.

I’m supposed to be doing a remix for Heller Mason.  You may recognize the name as we put out an album by him a couple years ago as part of our “we don’t know how to promote americana albums in a way that they sell well even if they’re really good” series.  He’s got some tunes form his new album up on MySpace & if you are into americana in the slowcore vein you should probably check it out.

Everyone heard the rumor about Lycia doing a live show in Phoenix early next year?  I’m not saying it’s true; I’m just saying the rumor was started by Tara….

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