Changing some working patterns

Registered a couple pieces on BMI today.  Need to start putting up more.

I was asked to write a song that will be a potential theme song for a kids’ show.  It’ll be more like Remora’s “Songs I Sing” than anything in the Small Life Form catalog.

I got a pretty incredibly looking art-object/cd-r from Derek Hanson today.  I’m trying to find out about how he made it & if it is feasible to do something like it for a release.

I got in some distro checks today for over $1000.  So it makes some of the releases seem much more likely.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a smooth day with getting a bunch of things done, but those days seem few & far between lately.  I need to get back on the schedule of making lists of things to do & getting them done in an organized manner rather than trying to tread water on a million things at once.

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